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The processing results

A customer gives high trust to the product which concentrated our techniques. The die-casting type that is the high hardness, a press type, a plastic molded government funds type, others various dies, die parts, the precision parts for other machine tools perform the metalwork of every field. I am good at 3 biaxial axes, 5 axis processing, and please consult to us if it is mashiningu processing, wire processing, electric discharge method, graphite processing, a cancer drill.

Characteristic of our product

Iron, stainless steel aluminum titanium graphite and the processing of various materials are possible.
Processing size
I can produce it from an accessory of 10mm to 2,000mm.
Production amount
It is equivalent to a small lot product by one piece of article.
Short deadline
I establish the start-to-finish production system and am possible on a short deadline.
High quality
I perform quality control by the inspection system.
Ando shoe tree
Higashihazu-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi black kite mountain 1-6
1.A die and die parts processing
2.The precision equipment for the machine tool and machine fatty tuna parts
3.Metalwork of a development type, the trial manufacture type
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